Sep 292020
German Semolina Pudding

German Semolina Pudding (or some call it Cream of Wheat) – in German “Griessbrei” – is a typical German delicious dessert or even a main dish with apple sauce or other fruit, or just with sugar and cinnamon. It makes a great breakfast. What is Semolina? Semolina as the “coarse, purified wheat middlings”.  So this is the gritty … read more …

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Jul 172020
German Raffaello Dessert - Delicious Quark Recipe

The German Raffaello Dessert will be the highlight of your menu. It contains quark, heavy cream and Raffaelos, the popular coconut candy from Ferrero who also is the maker of the famous bread spread Nutella. In the USA the coconut-almond candy Raffaelo is available at various supermarkets such as Walgreens, Staples and Walmart. You just … read more …

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Jun 262020
German Sweet Quark Souffle Recipe - Quarkauflauf

The German sweet quark souffle is one of the German sweet dishes that can be made for supper. It’s an easy recipe but you need quark for this dish. Quark is a German milk product that is available in every German super market, unfortunately not so easy to find in the USA. The best made … read more …

May 242020
Spaghetti Ice Cream - German Specialty

Oh what a delight! Spaghetti Ice cream is very popular all over Germany, and you can get it in every ice cream parlor (“Eisdiele” in German and “Gelateria” in Italian) in Germany. The first ice cream parlor was opened 1668 in Paris by the Sicilian Francesco Procopio de Coltelli who used to be the cook … read more …

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Feb 262020
Pfitzauf - Sweet Swabian Specialty

Pfitzauf  is a traditional sweet German recipe from the Swabian cuisine. The dough consists of eggs, milk, flour, butter and salt or sugar and will be baked either in special fire proof ceramic forms that are only available in Swabian stores, or you can use fire proof ceramic cups, ramekin cups, or even coffee cups … read more …

Jan 212020
Bavarian Fried Apple Rings in Beer Dough

This is a delicious dessert from beautiful Bavaria: Bavarian Fried Apples Rings in Beer Dough served with a delicious cinnamon sauce. This is a traditional and classic Bavarian recipe and it is recommended to use good German beer. Serve the fried apples with the home made cinnamon sauce or just dust them with powdered sugar. Happy … read more …