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German creamy savoy cabbage is a side dish that is wonderful with ham or any sausages and potatoes such as mashed or fried potatoes. Savoy cabbage is very popular in Germany and I could also find it in US super markets. You will like this authentic and proven German recipe. Happy Cooking!

german creamy savoy cabbage


1 small – medium sized savoy cabbage
200 ml heavy cream or milk
1 onion
salt, sugar, black pepper, nutmeg to taste
1 tsp butter

Cooking Instructions German Creamy Savoy Cabbage

– cut off the hard parts of the cabbage.
– chop onion in fine pieces.
– pull off the darker leaves and place them aside.
– take the lighter leaves from the inside (that should be 1/3 of the cabbage) and cut them into small pieces: first cut the cabbage in half, then quarters, so you will get fine stripes.
– place the chopped pieces into a pot, add onions, the spices and the heavy cream/milk, mix well, cook until the cabbage is soft. Then puree the cabbage with a stick mixer until you have a fine puree..
– take the darker leaves of the cabbage and chop them into small pieces as well.
– melt butter, add dark leaves with salt, sugar and some water  (about 5 tbsp), cover with a lid and let simmer for about 5 min or until the leaves are soft and tender.
– add the puree to the darker cabbage and mix well.


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