Jan 142019
Madeleines Original Recipe

You have found the Madeleines Original recipe. They are small cake alike cookies that are baked in special molds. Their form reminds us of sea shells. They are often served hot at the popular French markets with a coffee in the morning, or at the 4pm goûter, the French equivalent of the British afternoon tea. Where are … read more …

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Dec 072018
Old Fashioned Filled Almond Christmas Cookies

You have found a traditional Austrian recipe for today’s Old Fashioned Filled Almond Christmas Cookies. This recipe is more than 100 years old. The cookies are little pockets filled with a  delicious almond filling. They are also called  almond pockets. Even it is an ancient recipe it fits perfectly into modern times – it’s very easy … read more …

Dec 072018
German Christmas Cookies: Walnut Cookies

In Germany we use walnuts for many baking recipes. The German Christmas Cookies Walnut Cookies are easy to make. This is the season for walnuts now and you can get them in almost every super market. Tip: If you cannot get ground walnuts use a coffee grinder to grind them. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Christmas … read more …

Dec 032018
German Butter Cookies - Simple Holiday Cookie

This is a very simple basic recipe for German butter cookies. This cookie recipe are just great for a beginning baker. You will love them for Christmas, just keep them in a tin box and store them in a cool place. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Butter Cookie 300 g flour 1 egg 100 g sugar … read more …

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Dec 032018
German Pistachio Cookies for the Holidays

Our German pistachio cookies are of course excellent holiday cookies but you can bake them also throughout the year. They are so delicious that these cookies will become your favorite. It’s a great cookie that goes along well with a cup of tea or coffee. If you cannot get pistachios we recommend to use alternatively … read more …

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Aug 192018
Russian Bread Cookies - Alphabet Cookies

  Russian Bread Cookies or “Russisch Brot”  in German oder Patience is a cookie made out of a dough with cocoa and egg whites without any butter or egg yolks. Traditionally it is baked in form of letters. Supposedly thew Russian bred cookie came from Saint Petersburg where the German baker Ferdinand Friedrich Wilhlem Hanke … read more …

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Aug 072018
German Orange-Poppy Christmas Cookies

Ingredients German Orange-Poppy Christmas Cookies (makes 50 pieces) 125 g soft butter 75 g powdered sugar 2 vanilla beans 5 egg yolks 1 tbsp grated orange peel (organic) 275 g flour 1 point of a knife baking powder 100 g poppy seed filling (Mohnback) 45 apricot jam 1 tbsp cinnamon 100 g almonds ground 45 … read more …

Aug 062018
German Filled Plum Cookies for the Holidays

German Filled Plum Cookies Plum are wonderful for the holidays! They are rectangle shaped German Christmas cookies that iare filled with plum jam or as we call it in German “Plaumenmus”. The German plum jam is thicker and richer than the usual jam and of a darker color but it tastes incredibly good. For this … read more …