Dec 022019
German Feuerzangenbowle - Holiday Fire Punch

Maybe you have heard about that drink named Feuerzangenbowle but you don’t know how to make it? Here is the original German Feuerzangenbowle recipe. It is a German Christmas drink and would be called in English literally “fire tong punch.” The name refers to the tool that you need to make this hot and alcoholic … read more …

Nov 192019
10 Best German Cakes for the Holidays

Christmas is BIG in Germany because it is celebrated in a special way. A way that is different from all countries in the world. Germany is true to its traditions, and this is reflecting in its culture, the crafts and the food. When it comes to unique Christmas dishes, cookies, chocolates, pastries, drinks and cakes, … read more …

Dec 072012
The best German Christmas Markets Videos

Germany has the most beautiful Christmas Markets. I put together a little collection of German Christmas Markets Videos that you will love. Find out about how Germany really is. It is not what you might think. It can be very modern but also very traditional. It is a combination of both and this makes it … read more …

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Dec 022012
German Christmas Traditions - Advent and Gluhwein

Today we write about the  German Christmas Traditions – The Advent Wreath. There are many German Christmas traditions. One of them is the Adventskranz or Advent wreath. Made out of fir and/or pine branches and decorated with 4 candles it is symbolizing the 4 weeks before Christmas. Every Sunday a candle is been lit before … read more …

Nov 222012
German Christmas Markets in Berlin, Germany

German Christmas Markets in Germany are the most popular attractions four weeks before Christmas. These markets are very specials and traditional. The capital of Germany, Berlin,  has not only one market. There are more than 40 Christmas Markets throughout the city. Every quarter has its own Christmas market. You can find also Designer Christmas Markets, … read more …

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Nov 102012
Traditional German Christmas Decoration

German Christmas Decoration Original Herrnhuter Stars (Sterne) made in Germany This star above is a symbol of the star from Bethlehem and has also its own story and connection to Christmas. German Christmas starts 4 weeks before the actual Christmas days with the “Adventszeit”, each Sunday in December is an “Advent- Sunday”. And it is … read more …

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Oct 182012
Christmas Letter to Himmelpfort Germany

There is a town in Germany that ghas a peculiar name. It is called Himmelpfort and literally translated this word means “Door to Heaven”. Now it makes more sense if you read Send a Christmas letter to Himmelpfort. The German town Himmelpfort is not far away from the German capital Berlin in Brandenburg. And very … read more …

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Nov 202010
The Reiterlesmarkt in Rothenburg

In this post I want to feature a very traditional and famous Christmas market of Germany, the Reiterlesmarkt  in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of the most beautiful German cities from the medieval times, located in the romantic “Frankenland”. This market dates back to the 15th century and is one of the oldest markets in Germany. The … read more …

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