Dec 152016
Aachener Printen - German Christmas Cookie

The Aachener Printen Christmas cookie is a special type of gingerbread that was created 1820 in the city of Aachen. So what is a “Printe”? It comes from english “print” and dutch “prent”. Back then they used a special carved wooden model that what used to print the cookies (see picture of the form). Original … read more …

Dec 132016
German Christmas Cookies: Linzer Hearts

German Christmas Cookies Linzer Hearts (or Linzer Herzen in German) are the cookie variation from the Linzer Cake. This German Christmas cookie recipe is similar to the cake as raspberry jam is used for the filling. They are very easy to make and colorful. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Christmas Cookies Linzer Hearts (for about 40 … read more …

Nov 212016
German Christmas Chocolate Cubes

Ingredients German Christmas Chocolate Cubes 250 g soft butter 3 eggs 250 g powdered sugar 125 g almonds ground 1 tbsp of each: cardamom, Piment (Allspice), ground ginger 50 Cocoa powder 50 g flour 3 packages dark cake frosting (each 100g) 220 semi sweet baking chocolate (eg Ghiradelli) 50 g white baking chocolate Baking Instructions … read more …

Nov 112012
German Lebkuchen Brownies

Ingredients (45 pieces)
 German Lebkuchen Brownies 70 g dark chocolate 200 g soft butter 200 g powdered sugar 2 eggs 70 g ground hazelnuts 1 tbsp baking powder, salt 2 tbsp brown rum 2 tbsp lebkuchen spice or all spice  – Edora Lebkuchen Gewurz (Gingerbread Spices) 1 – .05oz Package 250 g flour 2 packages … read more …

Dec 062011
German Christmas Cookies: Caramel Cookies

Ingredients (40-50 pieces)
 German Christmas Cookies: Caramel Cookies 4 tbsp pumpkin seeds 6 dried apricots 8 tbsp brown sugar 2 tbsp coarse sugar Dough 150 g cold butter 75 g powdered sugar 225 g flour 1 egg yolk 1 pinch salt 

Baking Instructions German Christmas Cookies: Caramel Cookies For the dough – Cut butter in … read more …