Nov 022012

Orangeat or Zitronat - Candied Peel

German Christmas Cookies need special ingredients depending on the cookie recipe. There are many German Christmas cookie recipes that need Orangeat and Zitronat - candied orange or lemon peel - such as Dresdner Stollen, Aachener Printen and Gingerbread. In the USA it is almost impossible to buy it, so the best is to make it at home. It is easy, just takes some time. If you want to bake this kind of Christmas cookies that need the ingredient, it is better you start now. I found an alternative for orangeat and zitronat that is not too bad: Paradise Old English Fruit and Peel Mix, 8 Ounce Tubs (Pack of 6)

Happy Baking!

german christmas cookies

Organic oranges or lemons, water, salt, sugar

- Peel oranges not too thin but don't use the white part of the skin, it is ok to have here and there some white parts but not a lot because the white part is bitter.
- Cut them in thick stripes.
- Place them into a pot, add enough water and boil them for 10 minutes. Weigh them.
- Remove water (drain); add 250 ml water and add same amount of sugar.
- On low heat let peels simmer for 40-60 minutes until you have  a thick syrup, and the peel looks transparent and is soft.
- Drain them, take them out with a slotted spoon and if you want sprinkle them with sugar, then place them on a baking grid over night.
- The next day cut them in small cubes.
- Fill in a jar with a lid and keep cool.

For lemons it is the same procedure.

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