Dec 292016
German Paprika Chicken or Chicken Paprikasch

Ingredients German Paprika Chicken 4 chicken thighs 3 peppers, red, green, yellow 2 small onions 1-2 garlic cloves 2 tbsp tomato paste sour cream (125g) or creme fraiche salt, pepper, mild paprika and chili pepper to taste clarified butter Cooking Instructions German Paprika Chicken – Wash chicken thighs, pat dry, spice with all spices. – … read more …

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Dec 132016
Chicken Malakow - Special German Chicken Egg Recipe

Chicken Malakow is an interesting recipe. I was searching online to find some background material for this recipe as the name does not really sound German (Malakoff). It sounds Russion but see below where it really comes from. So after some time I found some results:  Malakow, Jean J. Péllisier (1794-1864) was a French Marshall … read more …

Aug 152016
German Chicken Soup or Broth made from Scratch

The German chicken soup recipe  is popular all over the world, especially in Germany. We love to enjoy all kinds of soups, especially broths. The typical German menu normally starts always with a soup.  Either it is a chicken or beef broth with special inlays, such as Leberknoedel (liver dumplings), semolina dumplings, or just plain … read more …

Aug 022016
Paprika Chicken - Authentic German Chicken Recipe

The paprika chicken is an authentic German recipe and a great dinner idea. Find creme fraiche from Altadena or Vermont. Trader Joes has it too. The best is to use the Hungarian paprika spice. The best side dish is rice in our opinion. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Paprika Chicken (serves 4) 4 chicken breast, organic 2 … read more …

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Jul 202016
German Chicken Ragout Stew

Learn today what is a ragout and start with the German Chicken Ragout! Ragout is a term for a main-dish stew and has nothing to do with “Ragu” which is Italian and is a sauce such as Bolognese, served with spaghetti. For a ragout you can practically use all kinds of meat. As described in … read more …

Feb 022015
German Chicken Recipes: Fricassee

  German Chicken Recipes: Fricassee – Have you ever heard of Fricassee? In Germany we cook this dish with chicken. But here is more about it: This German chicken recipe is a stewed dish typically made with poultry, but other types of white meat (like veal, rabbit, or Cornish game hen) can be substituted. It … read more …

Nov 032014
Turkey with Calvados Apple Filling

Turkey with Calvados Apple Filling does not sound German at the first look but it is for sure a original German recipe. Turkey is also popular in Germany and in many families it is roasted for Christmas. Calvados is a  French apple brandy that you can get at Bevmo. This is a proven recipe and  … read more …

Mar 112013
Turkey Ragout

Turkey Ragout or in German “Putengeschnetzeltes” is a classic recipe amongst all ragouts. The most famous one might be the Zurich Geschnetzeltes but whatever ingredients you use, everyone will love it. You can vary it like no other dish. Use veal or pork, chicken or beef, add vegetable or tomato paste use curry or heavy … read more …

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