Dec 042019
Southern German Apple Cake

The Southern German Apple Cake is a specialty from the South of Germany and is different than other apple cakes featured on this website. This German apple cake is awesome for any Kaffee and Kuchen table, for the holidays, for birthdays and festive occasions. The apples are covered in a creamy filling and will be … read more …

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Nov 282019
Pumpkin Pie German Style for the Holidays

The missing cake in our recipe collection was the pumpkin pie. So I came up with a Germans style pumpkin pie which turned out to taste delicious. My husband said that it was the best pumpkin pie he ever had! So this means something! What’s the difference? It is less sweet and does not contain … read more …

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Nov 202019
Marmorkuchen Marble Cake - Authentic German Cake

The German Marmorkuchen Marble cake is one of these typical cakes that are a “must have” for the traditional “coffee and cake” on Sunday afternoon. This is the traditional “Kaffee und Kuchen” time. German families and friends like to meet Sunday afternoons to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a piece of cake. … read more …

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Nov 192019
German Mandarine Orange Sour Cream Cake

A festive and delicious cake is the German Mandarine Orange Sour Cream Cake – It is called Schmandkuchen in Germany. “Schmand” is the equivalent to the American sour cream that is used for this cake. It is not curdling by the heat when baking. If you are into baking you will love this cake. Happy … read more …

Nov 152019
German Pastry Donauwellen Cake

This is a very special cake or pastry – The German Pastry Donauwelle Cake – in English it would be called the “Danube wave cake” – comes from the Danube region or the “Donauschwaben” region. The Danube starts in the Black Forest and winds goes through many valleys, cities and countries towards the East with … read more …

Nov 022019
Authentic German Black Forest Cake

This is an Authentic German Black Forest cake recipe, proven and original. This cake is called in German “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte”. It is a classic cake in Germany and very popular. So popular that you can find the cake in every German bakery. This original German recipe will allow you to bake the cake that you … read more …

Oct 302019
Traditional Authentic German Austrian Linzer Cake

The Linzer cake is to be said to be the oldest-known in the world. For a long time a recipe from 1696 in the city library of Vienna was the oldest one known. But in 2005 the library director of the upper Austrian Museum found an older recipe from 1653 of Verona. There are numerous legends of … read more …

Oct 042019
German Apple Cake - Easy Recipe

The German apple cake easy recipe is for you if you are a baking beginner or you don’t have too much time for baking. It’s that easy: Just mix all ingredients, place apples on top, bake it, ready. Serve the apple cake  with whipped cream, and enjoy it at the traditional German “Kaffee und Kuchen” … read more …