Aug 052020
German Plum Streusel Cake

When Italian plums are ripe – we call them Zwetschgen in German – there is nothing better than a to make a German Plum Streusel Cake. Delicious German cake that is easy to make and doesn’t need any special ingredients, you just need to find the Italian or Damson plums. Happy Baking!   Ingredients German … read more …

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Aug 042020
Prinzregententorte - Bavarian Layered Chocolate Cake

The Prinzregententorte Bavarian Layered Chocolate Cake is a very traditional cake with quite some history. The cake consists of eight thin layers made out of a biscuit and chocolate butter creme all surrounded by a glaze of chocolate. The origin is Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Why the name Prinzregententorte? It comes from two words: Prinz … read more …

Jul 302020
German Apple Streusel Cake - Authentic

The German Apple Streusel cake or Apple Crumble Cakes is a very classic German cake. In German we call crumbles  “Streusel” that make a great topping for any fruit cake. Even if you are a baking beginner this cake is doable. It’s a proven and authentic German recipe. You can substitute the vanilla sugar with … read more …

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Jul 152020
Sweet Braided Hazelnut Bread - German Nusszopf

The Sweet Braided Hazelnut Bread or in German “Nusszopf” is just delicious. It contains ground hazelnuts that can be easily substituted with ground walnuts or almonds. The dough is a yeast based dough, and not difficult to make. Happy Baking! Ingredients Sweet Braided Hazelnut Bread 500 g all purpose flour, unbleached 1/4 liter whole milk, … read more …

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Jul 132020
German Cake: Granatsplitter from Scratch

The German cake “Granatsplitter” or in English “Chocolate Mountain” is a typical German cake specialty, or you could also call it a sweet pastry. So what is is exactly? In the bakeries it is made out of the left overs from cakes and Tortenboden (layered cake biscuit). The cake left overs are mixed with a … read more …

Jul 092020
Raspberry Chocolate Roll

Cake rolls or Rouladen are very popular in Germany and quite special as you cannot get them in the USA at all unless you find a European bakery. Learn today how to make the raspberry chocolate roll. You don’t need any special baking utensils for this German cake recipe. If you follow exactly the instructions … read more …

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