Jan 062017
Best German Apple Cake - Authentic Recipe

The best German apple cake is called “versunkener Apfelkuchen” in German. Versunken means sunken and the apples sink into the dough. It is a very easy recipe that you will love. It tastes great with a cup of coffee and is an ideal “Kaffee and Kuchen” Cake for Sunday. If you don’t have apples you … read more …

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Dec 192016
German Tortenboden Recipe - Fruit Base Cake

This German Tortenboden Recipe is the base for many different German cakes and it made out of a kneaded dough that we call in German “Mürbeteig”. The most popular cakes with apples, plums or cherries are using this base cake. It is easy to make and does not need any special ingredients. If you are … read more …

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Dec 152016
German Apple Strudel - Authentic Original Recipe

This is an original and authentic German recipe for apple strudel as they made it in Austria way back when all Germany was ruled by the Emperor. It’s been said that the German apple Strudel dough must be so thin that it is possible to see a love letter shining through on the other side. … read more …

Dec 142016
German Profiteroles - Windbeutel A German Specialty

German Profiteroles or Windbeutel in German are a German specialty. The origin of both the pastry and its name profiterole are obscure. It was introduced in France by Caterina de’ Medici, wife of Henry II of France, who brought from Tuscany several recipes, including choux pastry and Profiterole. The word profiterole (also spelled prophitrole, profitrolle, … read more …

Nov 072016
Chocolate Cookie Cake - German Cake Kalter Hund

The chocolate cookie cake or “Kalter Hund – Kalte Schnauze” or “Zebra Cake” used to be the brithday cake of mine and I am sure of many other children. This chocolate cookie cake is rich and creamy, and pure chocolate. It is a delightful combination of chocolate and butter cookies (you must use the ones … read more …

Oct 072016
German Onion Tart - Zwiebelkuchen of Germany

The German Onion Tart or “Zwiebelkuchen” is a popular dish of the South, it’s a local specialty,  and is often served with the new wine in October. The new wine is called “Suesser” or “Sauser” (in the Rhineland Federweisser).  In the region around Freiburg in the Black Forest (Kaiserstuhl) you can enjoy the German onion … read more …

Sep 282016
Sweet Braided Nut Bread - German Nusszopf

Ingredients Sweet Braided Nut Bread 500 g flour 1/4 liter luke warm milk, regular 1 egg 1 package dry yeast 80 g butter, very soft 50 g sugar 1 dash salt zest of 1/2 lemon Filling 200 g hazelnuts (100 g chopped, 100 g grated) 1 tsp cinnamon 1 egg 3 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp … read more …

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Sep 262016
Marble Cake Marmorkuchen - Best German Bundt Cake

The marble cake Marmorkuchen might be the most popular cake in Germany! We think it is the best German Bundt cake. It is just a classic cake that even children can make. You can use the classic Bundt cake form or a lower German form that makes a cake looking good! This recipe is in American … read more …

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