Oct 152012

german butter cream cake

German cake, original and authentic German recipe, that consists out of a rich butter cream with egg cognac or egg liqueur, it is a German Torte, so good for the holiday season and Christmas. Happy Baking

Biscuit base
80 g butter
80 g sugar
5 eggs
200 g ground almonds
100 g grated chocolate
1 package vanilla sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
2 tbsp flour
1tbsp rum
200 g butter
1 package vanilla sugar
1.5 packages Vanilla pudding
500 ml milk
100 g sugar
40 ml egg liqueur
100 g grated almonds
50 g sugar
20 g butter
candied cherries more egg liqueur

Baking Instructions
Biscuit Base
- Mix 200 g almonds, chocolate, vanilla sugar, flour and baking powder.
- Mix butter very well with sugar until sugar is dissolved; add one egg after the other.
- Add almonds-flour mix and fill dough in  a greased spring form (diameter 26 cm).
- Bake it on 200 C or 390 F for 15 minutes.
- Make the vanilla pudding with 100 g sugar (or less depending how sweet you like it); let pudding cool off to room temperature. Bring butter to room temperature too.
- Place 20 g butter and 50 g sugar in a pan and roast the grated almonds until they are golden brown; let them cool off.
- Make a butter creme out of butter and pudding: Stir butter and add carefully the pudding, mix well.
- Cut cooled off cake horizontally in half.
- Place some of the cream into a decorating bag for later.
- Fill the cake on one half, place the other half on top and spread the cream all around the cake.
- Decorate the outer edge of the cake with roasted almonds and all around the top for about 3cm wide. (see picture)
- Form little roses on the 3 cm wide edge and place a candied cherry in the middle of each rose.
- Fill egg liqueur on the uncovered part of the top.

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