Jan 202021
German Quark Recipe: Sweet Quark Pan Cakes

This is a German quark Recipe: sweet quark pan cakes or “Quarkkeulchen” as we say in German. The main ingredient is quark. If you cannot find quark in an US super market, you can make it from scratch or get the best German quark from the US company Wunderquark (see below). The sweet quark pan … read more …

Oct 212020
German Waffles - Authentic Recipe

Waffles are a classic brunch or breakfast addition and are not only very popular in the USA.  In Germany we love to make waffles. The German Waffles are awesome for breakfast, brunch or for coffee and cake in the afternoon, or what we call in German the “Kaffeeklatsch” (that means the usual gossip while sipping … read more …

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Jun 122020
Simple German Pancake Recipe

We have several pancake recipes on this website but today I found an authentic German recipe that was too simple to be true! It’s a proven recipe, nothing can fail. Make these pancakes for your Sunday brunch, for a dessert with ice cream and whipped cream or just for a treat with Nutella or maple … read more …

Mar 032020
Easy German Pancakes Recipe - A Favorite in Germany

Today let’s feature the Easy German Pancakes Recipe which is the base for many other recipe. Pancakes can be filled with sweet or savory fillings. Pancakes can be a dessert or the main dish, it depends on how you make them. Go to the  recipe for Filled pancakes – Happy Cooking! Ingredients Easy German Pancakes … read more …

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Dec 292018
German French Toast Casserole

The German French Toast, or “Arme Ritter” in German, is a traditional dish that can be traced back to the Romans. In the antique cooking book De re coquinaria you can find this recipe: „Zerbrich abgeriebene Siligenen (= Winterweizengebäcke), mache größere Häppchen, tauche sie in Milch, röste sie in Öl, übergieße sie mit Honig und serviere … read more …

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Jul 292018
German Egg Recipe: Eggs Mirabell with a Breaded Crust

What dishes can you make with hard boiled eggs? Here is a somewhat unusual recipe which is named “Eggs Mirabell”. The heritage of the German egg recipe Eggs Mirabell is unknown but I thought it is  delicious dish whenI found this recipe in an old cooking book. Instead of making fried or scrambled eggs, why … read more …

Feb 212018
German Spinach Omelette - Perfect for Breakfast

The German Spinach Omelette is a great German egg recipe that you will love.  Did you know that the German lunch consists always of a warm meal? In my childhood dinners were always served cold. If the dinner would consist of some warm dish then it would be some small and light food, such as an omelette, fried … read more …