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German Brotchen or Broetchen (Semmeln) in German are without exaggerating the best! Everyone who has visited Germany knows that these rolls are the best. They are part of every good German breakfast and they need to be fresh. A fresh Broetchen is slightly crunchy and never soft. How to keep Broetchen fresh?

german bread pot
You would not keep them in plastic bags. We recommend to use a wooden box or paper bags. In Germany there are special bread boxes or pots made out of ceramic or wood where you would keep your bread. These pots prevent that the bread gets stale fast and it won’t dry out, or get soft like it does in plastic containers.

german brotchen

Ingredients German Brotchen

150 g wheat flour (1050) – US High Gluten Flour
135 ml warm water
10 g fresh yeast or 1 pk dry yeast

350 g wheat flour (550) – US All Purpose Flour
140 ml water, as needed
10 g salt
20 g pork grease (Schmalz) or butter
1/2 tbsp Honey or 20 g sugar

Not sure what flour to use?
Find more information on what flour to use by clicking here

Baking Instructions German Brotchen

– Make the pre-dough by mixing all pre-dough ingredients;  dissolve yeast in water, then knead until you get a smooth dough.; knead for 5 minutes; then let raise for 30 min.
– Then add all remaining ingredients to the dough.
– With the mixer and kneading hooks knead for 10 minutes. You want the dough stretchy and smooth. Let it raise for 20 minutes.
– Make about 50 pieces out of the dough and roll them to balls (See the video).
– Place them on a floured baking tray; cover with a kitchen cloth or foil.
– After 15 minutes remove cover and dust a layer rye flour on top, with a knife make  a cut in the middle.
– Place rolls on a greased baking tray, cover with kitchen cloth or foil.
– Let them raise 35 min or until you see a visible change in volume.
– Spray the buns with water until they are shiny, the baking tray should be wet too.
– Add sesame seeds, poppy seeds, caraway seeds or a mix of your favorite bun topping. Even coarse salt is great!
– Bake in pre-heated oven on 210 C or  400 F for 20 minutes. If you use a convection oven temperature is 370 F.

Form the Brotchen as we do in Germany

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  6 Responses to “German Brotchen or Semmeln like from Germany”

  1. As a German living in the US, I have really missed a good Broetchen, for many years. These are EXACTLY like the ones at home. Perfect!! Even the soft, fluffy part on the inside is absolutely spot on. I’m in heaven, and even my kids love them.
    I had to do some googling to find out which flours to use, and for anyone else who doesn’t have access to flour with numbers, here it is:

    1050: It’s a mix, 80% bread flour + 20% whole wheat flour. In this recipe, that translates to 120g of bread flour, and 30g of whole wheat flour.

    550: regular all purpose flour.

    The only issue I had was the size of the Broetchen. It’s supposed to make 50, but I only got 30, and even then they were still way too small. But delicious nonetheless. 🙂
    Oh, and I used butter and sugar, rather than Schmalz and honey.
    I can’t wait to make these again!!

  2. Thanks so much for the tips. This is very helpful! The German bread numbers can be confusing… Danke!

  3. This is the best recipe I have tried ! Taste just like home ! Thanks to Joanna the flour ratio helped tremandes . I also doubled recipe for bigger rolls !

  4. im in agreement with this recipe . if you want to really be creative , stretch these dough balls into rectangles and drop on the meat , veg , cheese mixture , then roll them back into ” tubes . let rise again and you have one awesome homemade hot pocket . — OR , roll the dough into breadsticks , flatten into 3″ x 11″ rectangles , fill with spicy cheese and re roll into breadsticks .
    dont ever add egg to your brotchen recipe like many people recommend . it makes them rubbery ..

  5. ahh !! i forgot . 80 % all purpose flour and 20 % whole wheat — .

  6. thanks for these valuable tips! Yes, never add eggs!

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