Oct 092020
German Sweet Bread with Hazelnut Filling - Nusszopf

The “Nusszopf” or German sweet bread with a hazelnut filling is a classic German cake or pastry. It is made out of a yeast dough and filled with almonds or hazelnuts, braided. This is an authentic and proven German recipe. To make this German sweet bread you need to have some baking experience. It’s a … read more …

Mar 272017
Sunday Sweet Braided Bread - Delicious German Zopf

The Sunday sweet braided bread is for the German breakfast and brunch and traditionally served Sundays. This German recipe sis using heavy cream as a main ingredient. The cream makes the “Zopf”  soft and moist. Easy and simple recipe. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Sunday Sweet Braided Bread 500 g flour 1/2 cube yeast or 1 package … read more …

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