May 022018
German Potato Rolls - From Scratch

Learn today how to make German potato rolls from scratch. These rolls have a wonderful crust and they are fluffy inside, just as we love rolls in Germany. The ideal way is to create a flower bread (see photo) instead of a whole bread because the crust is the best when making rolls.  You will … read more …

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Mar 262018
German Rolls Brotchen

There is no doubt – German Rolls or Brotchen (Brötchen or Semmeln in German) are the best. Here is a German recipe for German rolls. They are also called Semmeln, Schrippen or Weckle. This is the best recipe that you can find online. It is original and authentic and your German rolls will be like … read more …

Mar 262018
Topkiss Burger - The Ultimate Sweet German Snack

The Topkiss Burger or Mohrenkopf Brötchen in German was and still is the ultimate snack for every German child. Everyone who grew up in Germany or has lived there for a while knows this snack. This German recipe – it is actually not a “real” recipe – brings back sweet memories of the childhood. Back … read more …

Mar 012018
German Buttermilk Quark Sweet Bread

In Germany we love sweet bread for the Sunday breakfast or brunch! Learn today to make the German Buttermilk Quark Sweet Bread. It is without yeast but we use quark and buttermilk. The dough is also good for rolls or can be placed in a loaf form. Add raisins if you like. Soak them in … read more …

Mar 302017
Sweet German Bread Einback - German Specialty

The sweet German bread “Einback” is very popular in Germany and you can buy it in many bakeries. The best is the crust. It is soft inside but the crust is a little bit crunchy. It is not comparable with the sweet bread that you find in US supermarkets wrapped in plastic. Try it out … read more …

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Mar 272017
Sunday Sweet Braided Bread - Delicious German Zopf

The Sunday sweet braided bread is for the German breakfast and brunch and traditionally served Sundays. This German recipe sis using heavy cream as a main ingredient. The cream makes the “Zopf”  soft and moist. Easy and simple recipe. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Sunday Sweet Braided Bread 500 g flour 1/2 cube yeast or 1 package … read more …

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Feb 222017
German Apple Bread - A German Fruit Bread

The German Apple bread is a nice alternative to fruit bread, it does not contain eggs. The recipe is proven from my sister-in-law and I had the pleasure to taste it myself! I watched her making it so it’s a proven German recipe. But keep in mind that the ingredients int he USA are different. … read more …

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Jan 212017
German Sweet Bread with Hazelnut Filling - Nusszopf

The “Nusszopf” or German sweet bread with a hazelnut filling is a classic German cake or pastry. It is made out of a yeast dough and filled with almonds or hazelnuts, braided. This is an authentic and proven German recipe. To make this German sweet bread you need to have some baking experience. It’s a … read more …