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There are so many delicious cake recipes in Germany! Find out today how to make the German Apricot Cheese Cake. The recipe is using quark which is a German curd cheese that you can find in some US super markets but it is rather rare. The best is to make it at home or use following as a substitute:
– Fromage blanc,
– Three parts ricotta cheese and one part sour cream, or
– Equal parts of cottage cheese and Greek yogurt.
– Use Fage 5% Yoghurt

If you cannot find apricots you can use peaches as well but make sure that they are not sugared with high fructose syrup or any other artificial sweetener. The cake will be baked in a deep baking pan. Workable are the disposable pans.  Happy Baking!

german apricot cheese cake

Ingredients German Apricot Cheese Cake

1 jar apricots (850ml), unsweetened (alternatively peaches)
125 g butter, soft
5 eggs
200 g sugar
juice and zest from 1 organic lemon
75 g semolina, fine
1 package vanilla pudding – or 1.5 oz cornstarch and vanilla flavor
750 g quark – How to make Quark –
200 ml heavy cream
1 dash salt
1 package baking powder – 0.5oz (not baking soda)
2 tbsp powdered sugar

Find all important German Ingredients in ONE Box – Makes Baking Easier!

german baking box

Baking Instructions German Apricot Cheese Cake

– Drain apricots and let drip off very good.
– Separate eggs.
– Mix butter, sugar, lemon juice and zest until creamy.
– Add egg yolks one after the other, and mix.
– Mix semolina, pudding powder and baking powder, add to the dough.
– Add quark and heavy cream in portions, mix well.
– Beat egg white until firm, add in 2-3 portions to the dough, fold in carefully.
– Grease a deep baking pan with some butter, sprinkle with bread crumbs or some semolina.
– Pour dough into pan, place apricots on top.
– Bake in pre-heated oven for 40-50 min on 175 C or 350 F (time in convection oven is reduced)

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