Jan 122017
Berliner Donuts - Popular German Pastry

The Berliner Donuts are the most popular pastry in Germany especially around the carnival season (February/March). Let us tell you a bit more about this German tradition of carnival: As you probably know, Germany is the European center for this celebration. Before spring “Karneval”,  “Fasching” or “Fasnacht” will be celebrated in many regions of Germany. In Cologne, … read more …

Dec 152016
German Waldorf Salad - As we Make it in Germany

  The German Waldorf salad is a great German salad served as side dish or appetizer. The combination of apples and celery is just nice. It is a famous recipe that originally came from America but has found many fans in Germany as well. The celery root is an interesting vegetable and is being used … read more …

Dec 132016
German Christmas Cookies: Linzer Hearts

German Christmas Cookies Linzer Hearts (or Linzer Herzen in German) are the cookie variation from the Linzer Cake. This German Christmas cookie recipe is similar to the cake as raspberry jam is used for the filling. They are very easy to make and colorful. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Christmas Cookies Linzer Hearts (for about 40 … read more …

Dec 042016
Onion Soup Recipe - Authentic German

This is an onion soup recipe that you will like, it is quite different than the French version. The most onion soups are made with white wine, toasted bread and cheese, which is hard to digest. Today I wanted to create a different onion soup, and I made one which is easy to digest and … read more …

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Nov 232016
Horseradish Pork Rolls - Authentic German Dish

If you don’t know what to cook for the holidays, or if you want to cook something special, why don’t you try this recipe? In German we call them “Meerrettich Rouladen”; you probably know the famous beef Rouladen, these ones are made with pork instead of beef. For the meat you would use very thin … read more …

Nov 232016
German Christmas Cookies Adventsschnitten

The season for German Christmas Cookies starts in the “Adventszeit”, the 4 weeks before Christmas. The recipe “Adventsschnitten” or advent cookies starts the Christmas season. The cookies are spiced with cinnamon and cloves, and they go nicely with a cup of Gluehwein (mulled wine) or spiced apple cider. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Christmas Cookies Adventsschnitten … read more …

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Nov 212016
German Christmas Chocolate Cubes

Ingredients German Christmas Chocolate Cubes 250 g soft butter 3 eggs 250 g powdered sugar 125 g almonds ground 1 tbsp of each: cardamom, Piment (Allspice), ground ginger 50 Cocoa powder 50 g flour 3 packages dark cake frosting (each 100g) 220 semi sweet baking chocolate (eg Ghiradelli) 50 g white baking chocolate Baking Instructions … read more …

Nov 082016
Rudesheimer Coffee with Asbach - The Best German Brandy

In 1892 Hugo Asbach, merchant and distiller, founded the company Asbach & Co. in Rüdesheim at the romantic Rhine. He did not know at that time that he was setting a mile stone in Germany for a name that it still popular as in 1892.  A marketing slogan that is still valid today was created … read more …

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