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Franconian Potato Dumplings or "Fränkische Kartoffelknödel" in German is a regional German recipe from Franconia. It is from the restaurant "Jagstmuehle" in Germany - Go to the Jagstmuehle website -  To make Potato dumplings you need some time. Important in this recipe is that you use both raw and boiled potatoes. Happy Cooking!

Francois Potato Dumplings

Ingredients Franconican Potato Dumplings

(serves 4)
15 medium sized potatoes (russet or any potatoes that are not waxy)
5 tbsp potato starch
200 ml milk
nutmeg, salt, white pepper to taste
1tbsp chopped parsley
1 tsp marjoram (optional)
for the filling: 1-2 rolls or white bread
60 g Butter

franconian dumplings

Cooking Instructions Franconian Potato Dumplings

- Boil 5 potatoes, peel and let cool off. Peel 10 potatoes and grate them into cold vinegar water (use white wine vinegar).
- The grated potatoes must be drained in a clean kitchen cloth; keep the water and let it sit for 30 min. You will see that the potato starch will be on the bottom of the water.  You would need that starch later.
- Place raw potatoes into a bowl; bring milk to  a boil and pour over potatoes.
- Carefully pour out the water and keep the starch; add it to the potatoes.
- Press boiled potatoes through a potato press or mash them very well; add to raw potatoes.
- Add the starch and spice very well.
-  The dough should be moist so it won't stick at the bowl's edges anymore. Keep in mind that you want to form Knoedel out of it.
- Cut rolls or bread into small cubes and fry it in some butter; add chopped parsley (and marjoram)
- Form Knoedel and place some of the bread herb filling into the middle. Some use "Backerbsen"  for the filling, others use dark bread or croutons.

Find Backerbsen here Leimer Backerbsen / Soup Pearls ( 200 g )

- Let Knoedel sit a bit at room temperature (optional).
- Bring enough water in a big pot with some salt and some starch to  a boil, then reduce heat, place Knoedel into the water and let them in the water on low temperature  for about 20 minutes.
- They are done when Knoedel float at the surface. Drain them.

Serve with your favorite meat dish such as pot roast or Goulash (all meat dishes are great as long as they come with a gravy).

What to do with Leftovers?
Fry the Knoedel in butter until they have a nice brown crust in all sides.

 photo credit Kochbar.de

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