Espresso White Chocolate Dessert

This Espresso White Chocolate Dessert will convince you! It is a very extraordinary German dessert that comes with an espresso sauce which adds a special touch to it.
The recipe is asking for couverture which is used a lot in the German cuisine. So we checked out for you what exactly couverture is. It is a special chocolate for baking. In the USA there is a brand (Callebaut) which  is a good alternative to the German couverture.

Each of Callebaut’s Finest Belgian White Chocolates is made with 100% pure cocoa butter, a selection of premium milk powders, fine sugar and a touch of pure Bourbon vanilla.
Callebaut  as a chocolate maker roasts the cocoa beans itself. Furthermore, the beans are roasted in their entire shell, to protect them and keep in all the aromas. What an intense cocoa experience!
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Espresso White Chocolate Dessert

Ingredients Espresso White Chocolate Dessert

300 g white Couverture or white chocolate
1/2 liter heavy cream
5 sheets white gelatin
find German gelatin:
Dr. Oetker Gold extra Gelatine Sheets – 10 g

2 eggs
1 tbsp sugar
chocolate leaves or similar for decoration
Espresso Sauce
2 egg yolk
2 tbsp curacao white (optional)
1 package vanilla sugar or 0.3oz – How to make Vanilla sugar –
2 tbsp instant espresso powder
1tbsp cocoa  powder

Espresso White Chocolate Dessert

Cooking Instructions Espresso White Chocolate Dessert
1. Cut the white chocolate in rough pieces and melt it in the heavy cream on very mild heat, then place it in the fridge for at least 2 hours. That’s your chocolate cream.
2. For the espresso sauce mix yolks with Curacao and vanilla sugar. Mix 1/8 liter hot water with espresso powder and add it very slowly and while stirring to the yolk cream. Place in fridge.
3. Soak the gelatin. Separate eggs, mix sugar and egg yolks until creamy.
4. Now beat the chocolate-cream semi firm and add it to the gealtin-egg cream. Dissolve gelatin on low heat and mix it into the cream, place in fridge.
5. When the cream is getting a jelly-like consistence, beat the egg white until firm and fold it carefully with the white chocolate cream.
6. Decorate with chocolate leaves or hearts or similar chocolate pieces.

Serve it with the espresso sauce.


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