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Easy Potato Dumpling Recipe
Ingredients Easy Potato Dumpling Recipe

1 kg potatoes
100 g flour
100 g starch
2 eggs
salt, pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions Easy Potato Dumpling Recipe

  • Boil potatoes. You can peel them and cut in quarters or  boil with the skin but then you need to peel them while they are hot.
  • Squeeze potatoes through a potato press (they must be hot). You also can use a potato masher.  Potatoes must be mushy.
  • Let cool off until they are warm.
  • Add eggs, flour, starch and salt/pepper.
  • The potato dough should be slightly moist. If you are uncertain do a test and cook one dumpling.  With moist hands form a dumplings of a tennis ball size.
  • Bring water with some salt to a boil, reduce heat a bit so that the water is slightly boiling.
  • Place the dumplings into the water for about 10 min. When the dumplings swim at the surface let them in the water for another 5 min.
  • Remove them with a slotted spoon and serve them right away with your favorite meat and gravy dish.

You can add herbs or fill them with cheese, fried mushrooms or roasted onions.


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