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Today let's feature the Easy German Pancakes Recipe which is the base for many other recipe. Pancakes can be filled with sweet or savory fillings. Pancakes can be a dessert or the main dish, it depends on how you make them.
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easy german pancakes recipe

Ingredients Easy German Pancakes Recipe

400 g flour
750 ml milk
1 dash salt
3 eggs
1 splash mineral water (bubbly)

Cooking Instructions Easy German Pancakes Recipe

  • Combine flour, milk, eggs and salt in a bowl and mix it well with a mixer  until it generates little bubbles.
  • Let sit in the fridge for 30 min.
  • Add the mineral water and mix again briefly.

Frying Process

  • At first use high heat, add some butter into a non-stick pan, let it melt.
  • While turning the pan back and fort, make sure the melted butter is evenly spread in the pan.
  • With a ladle take some dough and pour into pan, do the same with the dough as you did with the butter. The dough should be evenly spread.
  • Wait until the lower side is nicely brown and firm. You can find that out by using a spatula that you place under the pancake, try to lift it up.
  • If you can lift the pancake without tearing it apart, your can tun it.

Heat oven to 100 C or 200 F so you can keep the pancakes warm. It takes a while until all pancakes are done.
If you should have left overs make the popular "Flaedle Soup".

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flaedle soup

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