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The Dresden Cheese Cake Eierschecke is a cake specialty from Dresden, mainly from Saxon and Thuringia. You can get it at the most beautiful cheese store and restaurant at (see photo below) or make it at home. dresden pfunds store
Where does the name come from? We found some history for this cake:

Schecke is a cake that is made on a baking tray out of yeast dough and topped with apples, quark or poppy seeds; it also has a frosting made out of egg, cream, sugar and flour.
Back in the 14th century the  Schecke was the name for men clothing and consisted of 3 parts (upper, belt, and lower part). The cake had been named after these me clothes.

The cake “Schecke” has 3 parts: The upper layer is a creamy egg yolk with butter, sugar and vanilla pudding; the middle part is mainly a mix of quark, egg, butter and vanilla pudding; the lower part is a dough made out of yeast or a normal mix. That is the Dresdner Eierschecke.
The cake is cut in rectangle pieces or like a tart. You can add raisins, almonds, Streusel or a frosting with chocolate. Try it out. Happy Baking!

Dresden Cheese Cake Eierschecke

Ingredients Dresden Cheese Cake Eierschecke

65 g Butter
50 g sugar
1 egg
1/2 package baking powder, 0.3oz
200 g flour

50 g butter
1 egg
100 g sugar
500 g quark Make your own quark – click here –
1/2l milk
1 package vanilla pudding, Dr. Oetker
3 eggs separated
75 g sugar
100 g butter and some butter for the form

Baking Instructions Dresden Cheese Cake Eierschecke

– Make a dough out of the ingredients and place it into a greased spring form.
– Mix the ingredients for the filling, make the pudding per instructions (don’t add sugar) and add half of it to the quark cream.
– Fill the cream onto the dough.
– Separate eggs for the topping; beat egg whites until firm.
– For the topping beat egg yolks, sugar and butter until foamy, and add the remaining pudding; mix it well, then add the firm egg white and carefully mix it with the cream.
– Place it on top of the quark cream.
– Bake it 30-45 minutes on 160- 175 C of 300F, cover it with foil, so the topping won’t get brown.
– Let it cool off in the form, then remove it.

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