Apr 042016

The crunchy fried potatoes are not just the regular fried potatoes, this is a different recipe. If you like the fried potatoes not mushy this is the right German fried potato recipe for you! Happy Cooking!


crunchy fried potatoes

600 g potatoes, preferably Gold potatoes or potatoes that are not floury
1 onion
sunflower or olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions
– peel potatoes and cut in equally sized pieces, place them briefly in cold water, so the starch is dissolving. This is important because this step makes the potatoes especially crunchy.
– add oil into a skillet and heat on high heat, drain potatoes and place into hot oil. Cover it right away with a lid.
– after 5 min turn potatoes, reduce heat if needed and turn frequently but after each turning place lid on top.
– fry for about 35 min.
– 10 min before potatoes are done add a chopped onion on top of potatoes and let saute for 5 min in covered skillet, fry without a lid for the last 5 min.
– spice with salt and pepper to taste.

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