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The Cremeschnitten classic recipe is based on filo or phyllo dough and will be filled with vanilla cream. These creamy pastries are a German specialty and you can buy them practically in every German bakery.
Trader Joe’s Phyllo Dough is crafted with flour, water and just a touch of oil, using a lengthy, painstaking process that involves repeatedly rolling and stretching a single very large and very thin sheet of dough. As it is rolled and stretched, it becomes thinner and thinner. When it’s reached the ideal thickness or better thinness, its rolled into a cylinder, frozen and packaged.  Walmart has fillo dough too and probably other supermarkets as well. Grocery store brands such as Athens, Apollo, and Pepperidge Farms are all good. But you need to use the filo dough for pastries. For the vanilla cream we use vanilla pudding and gelatin to make it firm. If you like not to use the Cremeschnitten with filo dough check out this recipe – Cremeschnitten without fillo dough. This recipe is for experienced bakers, if you are a baking beginner we recommend not to make the filo dough Cremeschnitte. Happy Baking!

cremeschnitten classic recipe

Ingredients Cremeschnitten Classic Recipe

2 packages filo dough for pastries
1 liter milk
300 g sugar
vanilla flavor: 1-2 tsp pure liquid vanilla or 1 package vanilla sugar Dr Oetker – How to make Vanilla Sugar
2 packages Dr Oetker Vanilla Pudding – How to make Vanilla Pudding –
6 slices gelatin (transparent, unflavored, unsweetened) or gelatin powder
1 tablespoon Knox of unflavored gelatin powder = 1 sheet of Perfectagel gold gelatin sheets
500 ml heavy cream
4 tbsp dark rum 0r rum flavor (non-alcoholic)
Cake ring rectangle

Baking Instructions
– Place filo dough on a baking tray and with a fork pinch it several times.
– Place in pre-heated oven on 390 C until the dough is light brown.
Do the same with the second filo dough.

– Make the pudding per instructions if you use the pudding from Dr Oetker or make it from scratch – Go to the recipe: How to make vanilla pudding
– Soak gelatin in  cold water.
– Place cooked pudding in a bowl and add the gelatin, rum and vanilla flavor.
– Place the bowl in cold water and stir it until the creme is cold.
– Beat heavy cream until firm.
– The pudding needs to get firm (with the help of the gelatin), so when it does fold in the whipped cream.
– place a rectangle cake ring around a filo dough; you can place the dough also in a suitable cake form and cut it so it fits, a casserole form can work too. A baking tray won’t work because it is too flat.
– Fill the vanilla cream on top of the filo dough.
– Cut the second filo dough vertical and then in 14 rectangles of the same size.
– Place the rectangles on top of the cream.
–  Place in the fridge for several hours until the cream is firm so you can remove the ring.
– Before serving dust with powdered sugar. You might want to make smaller pieces by cutting the cake with a sharp knife.

How to make Filo Dough



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