German Cremeschnitte without Filo Dough

Find out how to make the pastry Cremeschnitte without filo or puff pastry dough. This is a proven German recipe with origin from Poland where they call this pastry “Napoleonka” or “Kremowka”. Many Cremeschnitten recipes ask for filo dough but not this one. There is no difference in taste, even the recipe is asking for beer. No worries, there will be no beer taste or alcohol after the Cremeschnitte had been made. For a gluten free version use a gluten free beer such as IPA. Happy Baking!

cremeschnitte without filo dough

Ingredients Dough Cremeschnitte without Filo Dough

300 g wheat flour or spelt flour
250 g butter, cold
125 ml light beer (Lager, Export but no Hefeweizen or Pilsener)

For the Cream:
1 liter milk
1.5 packages vanilla pudding Dr Oetker  – Go to: How to make Vanilla Pudding Recipe –
200 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar (.7oz)  – Go to: How to make Vanilla Sugar –
2 tbsp flour (heaped)
1 tbsp potato starch or corn starch
3 eggs
75 g butter
powdered sugar for dusting

Baking Instructions Cremeschnitte without Filo Dough

– Chop butter in small pieces, combine with flour, add the beer and knead with hands fast until your get a smooth dough (no sugar added!).
– Keep in the fridge for at least 30 min.
– Cut dough in half.
– Drease 2 baking trays  (36cm x 32cm or 14″ x 12″)
– Roll dough so it is the same size equally, place on baking trays.
– With a fork poke it several times.
– Bake in pre-heated oven on 350 F for about 20 min.
– Let cool off.
Make the Cream
– Bring 3/4 liter milk to a boil, add butter and sugar.
– Remove from stove. Let cool off. Attention: It should not be boiling hot when you add the eggs!
– Mix eggs, pudding powder, starch, flour and vanilla sugar, add to the slightly cooled of milk and mix until you get a thick pudding.
– Add the cream on top of the dough and place second layer of dough on top.
– Let cool off before you cut it into rectangle pieces. Use a very sharp knife or an electric knife.
Powder with sugar before serving (not earlier).

Information: The recipe is using beer but there will not be any beer taste after the cake is baked. It is basically a “fake” filo dough.



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