Jun 242014

Black-red-gold cocktail is the nicest cocktail for German soccer fans. 2014 is the year of soccer and in some days Germany plays against USA. May the best team win! Happy Cocktail Mixing!

black red gold cocktail

For the black layer
8cl vodka
8cl red currant juice or blackberry juice
For the red layer
4cl vodka
4cl strawberry syrup
80 g strawberries
For the gold layer
2cl vodka
6 cl passion fruit juice
80 g mango fruit


  • puree mango and mix with vodka and passion fruit juice
  • puree strawberries and mix with vodka and syrup.
  • mix vodka with red currant juice
  • place all mixes in the fridge for about 3 hours.
  • then first pour gold mix into a long drink glass, then on top the red mix by using a tea spoon – pour the red mix over the spoon into the glass. finally add the dark layer very slowly over  a teaspoon on top of the red layer.
    Source recipe and photo

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