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This Bavarian Fleischkaese or Leberkaese recipe is an original recipe from Germany. It differs  a bit from the other one but it also is a proven recipe. Don't forget the ingredients might be a bit different in Germany despite the fact that they have the same name.

bavarian fleischkaese

Ingredients Bavarian Fleischkaese Leberkaese

To make the so called Fleischbraet - for 1kg
60% lean pork
40% fat pork belly or 30% pork belly and 10% Speck without slab

Spices for 1 kg Fleischbraet
22 g curing salt - click to  find Curing salt information
3 g white pepper ground
0,5 g marjoram ground
0,5 g Thyme  ground
0,5 g nutmeg ground
0,5 g ginger ground

ice cubes at least 300g per 1kg meat

Cooking Instructions

1. Cut meat and refrigerate it. It must be very cold before handling it (shortly before freezing temperature).

2. Make at least 300 g ice cubes and before you start with the meat, shred and (ice snow) keep aside. Use mixer or any device that can shred ice fine.
3. Mix the very cold meat with spices, very fast as meat should not get warm.

4. Add meat to the grinder or food processor and grind it on high speed for about 1-2 minutes. Add ice snow and grind again thoroughly. You should get a fine but tough mass. That's all fine.

4. You can do a test now if you like:
Bring water to a boil, then turn off. Take 1 tbsp of the meat mass and add it into the water. It needs to be firm and should not fall apart

5. Take a rectangle form that is cooled and grease it with Palmin or shortening from Spectrum  (needs to be a grease that can be used for high cooking temperatures -  don't use olive oil or any oil or butter or margarine; in Germany we use Palmin or Biskin).
The grease should be sticking in the edges, that's why the form needs to be very cold. You do this so the Leberkaese can get smoothly out of the form when done. Press the meat thoroughly into the form because you don't want bubbles.

6. Use a dough scraper that you dip into cold water and smooth the surface, make a rhombic patter into the loaf by pressing the dough scraper into the loaf, don't cut it.

7. Bake in the oven on 160 C for about 90 minutes until the surface browns slightly, if it wont get brown, use the broiler for 5-6 minutes.

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