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This is a German quark Recipe: sweet quark pan cakes or "Quarkkeulchen" as we say in German. Main ingredient is quark. If you cannot find it in an US super market, I am afraid you have to make quark at home. It is not that difficult. We provide a recipe in this recipe below. The sweet quark pan cakes are great with any fresh or canned fruit. The classic version is with raisins and apple sauce though. Great dish for a brunch or for breakfast. Or just as a sweet dish for supper. Happy Cooking!

German Quark Recipe: Sweet Quark Pan Cakes

Ingredients German Quark Recipe: Sweet Quark Pan Cakes

500 g Quark - How to Make Quark  Recipe -
8 tbsp flour
2 eggs
3 tbsp sugar
1 dash salt
2 tbsp semolina
1 splash lemon juice
raisins as needed
sunflower oil for frying
apple sauce and sugar

Cooking Instructions German Quark Recipe: Sweet Quark Pan Cakes

- In a bowl combine quark with flour, eggs, sugar, salt, semolina,  and lemon juice. Mix well.
- Add raisins, mix.
- If dough should become firmer, add some more flour.
- Heat some sunflower oil in a pan.
- The dough cannot be formed into cakes. Use 1 table spoon to get the dough out of the bowl, use the other one to get the dough into the pan. Place the heaps into the got oil.
- Fry them on both sides until they have a golden brown color.

Sprinkle with sugar and serve with apple sauce or any fresh fruit. Compote would be suitable too.


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Sep 262017

Spaetzle Tyrolian style is a German specialty from Tyrolia or "Tirol" in German which is actually in Austria. Spaetzle are very popular throughout the South of Germany, Austria and also in the North of Switzerland where they call them "Knoepfli".  You can make the Spaetzle from scratch or buy them ready made. To make them from scratch it takes some time though but the taste is not comparable to the ones from the shelf. Happy Cooking!

spaetzle tyrolian style

Ingredients Spaetzle Tyrolian Style

serves 2

Spaetzle Dough

250g flour
1/2 tsp salt
3 eggs
3 tbsp water
2 onions
1-2 tbsp butter or clarified butter
Smoked bacon or Speck to taste
grated cheese such as Gruyere
2 tbsp parsley
salt, black pepper, nut meg

Cooking Instructions Spaetzle Tyrolian Style

- place flour in a bowl and make a mold in the middle, add eggs, 3 tbsp water and salt into the mold.
- with a wooden spoon mix everything starting from the middle. Should the dough be too firm add some water.
- beat the dough with the wooden spoon until you can see big bubbles.
- the dough is ready when it is falling from the spoon without breaking up into parts.
- bring enough water to a boil (add some salt), then by using a spaetzle maker make the spaetzle.
- they are done when they float on the surface of the water.
- Take them out and place them in ice cold water for a second, then let them drain in a sieve.- chop onions in fine slices; melt butter in a skillet and saute onions on low heat for about 20 min until to a golden brown color.
- cut Speck in small stripes, add to the onions and saute for 3 min.
- add the Speck.
- add spaetzle, saute for 2 min, before serving add cheese and chopped parsley. Cheese will melt when you mix the spaetzle.
Serve with a mixed salad.

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Sep 022017

Springerle are classic German Christmas cookies with anise. Springerle are coming from the South of Germany, from Swabia, and they are not round, they are always having a rectangle shape. You need special forms or molds to make them but they can be purchased online. See the link at the bottom of this page. If you use a rolling pin don't buy the cheapest one as the ornaments are not always great.
Springerle Rolling Pin
By using a rolling pin you would roll out the dough with a regular rolling pin, then dust the flattened dough with flour, gently roll the picture rolling pin over it and then remove any excess flour with a clean baking brush.
Springerle Molds

  • If you are using a mold place a little bit of the dough into the mold then roll over it with a small regular rolling pin.
  • Remove it carefully from the mold.
  • Place them on a baking tray that is layered with baking paper and sprinkled with anise seeds.
  • Every Springerle should have 4-5 anise seeds on the bottom.
  • Important: Before you use the molds dust them every time you make  a new Springerle with flour! Otherwise there will be dough remaining in the carvings and this is ruining the designs.
  • Don't use too much flour other wise the Springerle become dry.

Happy Baking!

springerle Christmas cookies

Ingredients Springerle

(fpr 40-50 cookies depending on size)
5 eggs
500 g powdered sugar
625 g flour
1 point of a knife baking powder or Hirschhornsalz
1 tbsp anise seeds
flour for the forms

Baking Instructions Springerle

- Beat eggs and sugar until foamy.
- Add flour and baking powder or "Hirschhorn" salt, and anise. Knead to a dough, roll it, knead again, then let it rest for 1 hours at room temperature.
- Roll dough 1cm thick and make Springerle by  using molds or rolling pin to make the cookies - see Tips above.
- Wax the baking trays with organic bee wax or layer with baking paper.
- Keep Springerle for 24 hours in a cool room, so the egg yolk can settle and the egg white will raise in the dough.
- Pre-heat oven to 300 F and bake for about 12 min. Don't bake them longer otherwise they become hard and dry.
- The surface should always stay light and never get brown.

- When they are done they are soft.

Keep them in a big cookie jar and place a moist kitchen cloth over the top so they won't dry out. Enjoy them with coffee or tea and traditionally dip them!

CLICK here to find German Christmas Baking Ingredients like Hirschhornsalz or Lebkuchen spice


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Aug 182017
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Aug 162017
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Aug 102017
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Jun 282017
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Jun 202017
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