Apr 162018

The German Split Pea Soup, or as we call it in German "Erbseneintopf or Erbsensuppe", is another great soup you will like.  The split pea soup is a typical German soup that is very popular during the fall and winter months.
Split pea soup can be made with or without meat - it is up to you. You can add bacon, Kassler, or sausages. It also tastes awesome with chicken broth instead of water, or with some spices like hot red pepper (chili), or green and red pepper.  The German Split Pea soup was the food of the men at sea, and they almost ate it daily back in the times when the ships had no cooling systems. Dried peas were easy to store and the soup was easy to make. like in our authentic recipe from Germany. Happy Cooking!

german split pea soup

Ingredients German Split Pea Soup

500 g dried peas, green or yellow or mixed
150 g bacon cubes (Speck) or
500 g Kassler (smoked pork chop) - optional
Sausages (Knackwurst, Frankfurter or Wiener) 1-2 sausages per person - Find sausages at Bavariasausage
1 medium sized onion
2 medium sized carrots
1 leek stem
1-2 bay leaves
4 medium sized potatoes
Salt, pepper to taste
1 tbsp parsley, chopped
1 -2 tsp butter or vegetable oil
Spring water or vegetable broth as needed

Cooking Instructions German Split Pea Soup

- Wash peas in a sieve. You can soak the peas the night before in water. It will shorten the cooking time a lot. After soaking drain them, and add  to the soup as described in instruction.
- Cut bacon into small cubes.
- Peel onion and chop it into small cubes.
- Cut leek and carrots in small pieces.
- Peel potatoes and cut them in small cubes.
- In a large pot heat butter or oil, fry onion and bacon until transparent.
- Add peas, carrots and leek fill up with water or broth until peas are covered.
- Add bay leaves, salt and pepper (don’t forget the meat will also add salt to the water).
- Bring it to a boil (if the water gets foamy remove the foam with a spoon).
- If you use Kassler: After 30 minutes add the Kassler and the potatoes.
- Let it cook for about 1 more hour then take out the Kassler and remove it from the bones, cut the meat into small pieces.
- Add the sausages (you can cut the sausages into smaller pieces if you like).
- Let it cook for another 15-20 minutes, then add the meat again before you serve it.

Serve with fresh bread.

If you soak the peas over night in water you would use the soaking water as cooking liquid. The cooking time might vary then too; in general pea soup needs a long cooking time until the peas are really soft and mushy.
You can also filter the soup through a sieve which will make it almost like a fine puree.

Apr 092018

Leberkaese. or sometimes Leberkase, means literally translated "liver cheese" in German, even though in Bavaria it does not contain any liver at all. Leberkaese is a special sausage meat and very popular in the South of Germany, Bavaria, and Austria. Find out today how to make a Leberkase Schnitzel!It is said that the meatloaf was invented in 1776 by the cook of Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria, although this story has been heavily contested. It is baked in the oven like a loaf until it shows a brown crust. Tastes also great warm combined a roll and  mustard, like a sandwich. This is a very popular snack in Swabia and is served in any Bavarian Biergarten where you would enjoy it with a glass of Hefeweizen. Happy Cooking!

If you are interested to know how to make Leberkase at home - here is the Recipe: How to Make Leberkase

leberkase schnitzel

Ingredients Leberkase Schnitzel

4 slices Leberkase
1 egg
bread crumbs
dash of salt
clarified butter or just butter to fry

Cooking Instructions Leberkase Schnitzel

- Place on one plate flour, on the second the bread crumbs, and on the third an egg, add a dash of salt and whisk with a fork.
- Slice the Leberkase in thin slices (1 inch or 1.5cm thick), or get them already pre-cut at your store.
- Place the slices first in flour, followed by egg and finally bread crumbs.
- Melt ghee (clarified butter) in a skillet and fry them on both sides.

Serve the Schnitzel with mashed potatoes and/or potato salad. You also can place a fried egg on top. Tastes great with French Fries and a green salad.

leberkase schnitzel

Apr 052018

If you like pancakes you will like the Palatschinken recipe. Palatschinken are thin pancakes similar to the French crêpes and much thinner then the American pancakes.
Palatschinken are made with eggs, wheat flour, milk, and salt, fried in a pan with butter or oil. You can also fill the Palatschinken if you like, and enjoy them either for lunch or dinner.
Traditionally they are rolled with  apricot, strawberry, or plum jam, and sprinkled with fine sugar.  But you also can combine them with maple syrup, just like the American pancakes. They taste great with Nutella or a thick and fruity  sauce made out  apples, plums, raspberries, cherries or sour cherries.  You can add almonds, dried or fresh fruits, sweet cottage or quark cheese and raisins. Happy Cooking!

palatschinken recipe


Ingredients Palatschinken Recipe

(makes about 6-8 pancakes)
4 eggs
2 cups milk - 400ml
1 cup flour - 250g
½ tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar

Cooking Instructions Palatschinken Recipe

- Start with flour and salt, add all other ingredients, whisk well so that there won't be any lumps. It should be a semi thick dough.
- Heat oil or butter in a pan (best is to use  a crepes pan), let the pan get very hot.
- Ladle some of the batter, swirl it so it is nice and thin, then flip it.
- Keep the pancakes warm until all are done (oven).


You can add some vanilla or almond flavor to the dough.
Enjoy them filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
Great with apple sauce and a hint of cinnamon.

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Apr 052018
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Apr 042018
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Apr 042018
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Apr 032018
German Rice Pudding - Milchreis Dessert

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Mar 292018
Baked Pastry Case for German Fruit Cakes

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