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The German Fasnacht Krapfen recipe is a traditional German dish for the Fasnacht, Karneval or Fasching time - also called the wild days! It is like the recipe "Berliner" or "Mutzen" which are deep fried. To make such dishes for carnival or "Fasnacht" has an old tradition. After Fasnacht there is the time were people used to stay away from rich food like cakes and meat until Easter. Fasnacht is therefor the time where people were allowed to drink and eat  what they can, and hence these deep fried dishes came about. This recipe is using raisins but it is optional, you don't have to use them. Happy Cooking!

german fasnacht krapfen recipe

Ingredients German Fasnacht Krapfen Recipe

0,25 liter water
50 g butter
1 dash salt
150 g flour
5 eggs (room temperature)
150 g seedless raisins (optional)
oil for deep frying - half coconut oil (taste neutral), half lard (Schmalz)
powdered sugar

Cooking Instructions German Fasnacht Krapfen Recipe

- Bring water, butter and salt in a pan to  a boil. Take off the oven.
- Add all flour at one time, stir until smooth and bring again to a boil; stir until you get a lump and you can see on the bottom of the pan a white skin.
- Take off the oven and add one egg; stir fast so the egg white won't coagulate. Use a towel and place it over the pan so the dough won't splatter all over the place.
Let dough cool off for 5 minutes, then add one egg after the other ad mix continuously.
- Finally add raisins.
- Heat grease in the deep fryer on 175 C or 350 F, you don't need the basket.
- Add one tbsp of the dough into the hot grease, a second spoon can help that the dough will falls smoothly into the grease.
- Bake them for about 10 minutes until they are golden brown. Let them drain and turn them in sugar or dust them with powdered sugar.

fasnacht recipe krapfen 1910


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Jan 192017

The German cake "Granatsplitter" or in English "Chocolate Mountain" is a typical German cake or sweet pastry that is made out of the left overs from cakes and tarts in the bakeries. The cake left overs are mixed with a buttery cream, cocoa, rum and almonds and folded on a bottom piece that is a cookie or wafer uo to a height of 10cm or 4 inches. Then the little mountain will be covered with chocolate. Because the ingredients can vary the Granatsplitter is always different and this makes it so unusual.
In Berlin they call them "Hackstockkratze", in the Eastern regions it is a "Punschberg" (because of the rum inside). For the glaze you can use dark or white chocolate. The recipe below is original and authentic German. Happy Baking!

german cake granatsplitter

Ingredients German Cake Granatsplitter

Dough Cookies
150 g flour
1 tbsp baking powder
50 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar
1 small bottle of german baking rum (or a bit less)
2 tbsp milk
50 g butter

125 g coconut oil, taste neutral, expeller pressed
65 g powdered sugar
25 g cocoa powder unsweetened
1 package vanilla sugar 0.3 oz - How to make vanilla sugar -
some baking rum or vanilla
1 egg
75 g almonds chopped coarsely
150 g chocolate glaze or Kuvertüre (if you cannot get it just melt 1 bar of dark chocolate like from Lindt in a double boiler, add 1 tbsp of coconut oil - ready)

Baking Instructions German Cake Granatsplitter

- Mix flour with baking powder and sieve it on a baking board.
- Make a mold and add sugar, vanilla sugar, rum and milk, mix with some flour.
- Add cold butter that is cut in pieces and knead until you have  a smooth dough.
- Roll the cake very thin and cut out round cookies (diameter 4-5 cm or 2 inches).
- Use the remaining dough and create whatever forms and set aside.
- Bake cookies and remaining dough  for 10 minutes on 180 C or 350 F.

german cake granatsplitter

- Melt Palmin or vegetable shortening and let it cool off  a bit.
- Mix powdered sugar with cocoa and vanilla sugar, add rum, then the egg and bit by bit the coconut fat.
- Make crumbles out of the remaining baked dough and mix it with the almonds and the coconut cream.
- Place the topping like a little mountain on each cookie, let dry.
- Make the glaze, then dip each Granatsplitter into the chocolate.
- Let them dry and keep at a cool place.

Jan 122017

berliner donut

The Berliner Donuts are the most popular pastry in Germany especially around the carnival season (February/March).
Let us tell you a bit more about this German tradition of carnival:
As you probably know, Germany is the European center for this celebration. Before spring "Karneval",  "Fasching" or "Fasnacht" will be celebrated in many regions of Germany. In Cologne, Bonn, Koblenz or Mainz  you can watch the biggest and most colorful parades, visit the most fun parties with singing and drinking.

The celebrations start on Thursday ("Schmutziger Donnerstag" in Swabia, or "Weiberdonnerstag" in the Rhineland) and last until Wednesday,  the Ash Wednesday (Aschermittwoch). A traditional carnival specialty is a pastry called "Berliner" or "Faschingskrapfen"; some call it also Pfannkuchen or Kreppel.  This delicious German doughnut has a jelly or jam filling, will  be deep fried in hot oil, dusted with sugar, and enjoyed preferably warm. Here is a recipe for you to make it at home. Happy Baking!

Ingredients Berliner Donuts

(makes about 20 Berliner)
Baking time: 35-50 Minutes
500 g flour, all purpose
1 package dried yeast
3 tbsp sugar
125 ml lukewarm milk
1 package vanilla sugar 0.3oz - How to make Vanilla Sugar -
1 dash salt
grated peel of 1/2 lemon (organic)
2 eggs
100 g butter

300 g jam (apricot, raspberry, strawberry, or red currant jelly)

- flour for rolling the dough
- oil for the deep fryer
- powdered sugar

Baking Instructions Berliner Donuts

  • Warm milk, melt butter in milk.
  • Sieve flour into a bowl, mix very well with yeast.
  • Add all remaining ingredients  plus the milk-butter mix. With a hand mixer beat briefly on low level, then on high level beat for 5 min until dough is smooth. Use kneading hooks. You also can knead the dough with hands.
  • Cover the dough, let rise at a warm place until volume has doubled.
  • Meanwhile heat oil in deep fryer to 380 c or 350 F (test oil with a wooden spoon that you hold into the oil, if you see little bubbles along the spoon the oil is ready to use).
  • Dust dough a bit with flour, remove from bowl and knead again briefly.
  • Part the dough in 16-20 pieces of the same size. Roll every piece to a ball. Make sure the dough does not have any cracks.
  • Place balls on 2 kitchen cloths that are dusted with flour. Let rise again until size has visibly changed.
  • Deep fry the balls in small batches, 3-4 at a time. Place the balls with upper side downwards into the hot oil. Fry on both sides golden brown.
  • Remove with a slotted spoon, place each on kitchen paper.
  • Turn them in sugar when they are hot or dust with powdered sugar. Serve while they are still warm or let cool off on a grid.

Make the Filling
Squeeze jam through a sieve, fill into a frosting bag with a hole nozzle. In every Berliner inject the filling from the sides (the lighter edge in the middle).

There is another way to make them by cutting out rounds of 3 inches diameter out of the dough. Place on each rounds 1 tsp jam on only one side, and cover with another rounds. Make sure the ends all around are perfectly closed.

Here is a video that shows how the German bakery Gunter Weissbach in Stollberg (Erzgebirge) makes the Berliner

Jan 102017
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Jan 102017
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Jan 102017
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Jan 102017
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Allgau Specialty Recipe Speckfladen - Flat Cake

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