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Serve this German almond Streusel cake with a cup of coffee and whipped cream! Easy to make, delicious German cake for your Coffee and Cake time. Just relax and enjoy life! Happy Baking!

german almond streusel cake

Ingredients German Almond Streusel Cake

100 g butter
400 g flour
200 g sugar
3 eggs
4 tbsp milk
4 tbsp oil (sunflower, canola)
125 g quark - How to Make Quark -
2 packages vanilla sugar - 0.6oz - How to make Vanilla Sugar -
1/2 pouch Dr Oetker baking powder (One pouch sufficient for 4 cups (500 g) of flour)
200 g creme fraiche
3 tbsp almond slices
1 tbsp coarse sugar (optional)
1 tbsp powdered sugar

Baking Instructions German Almond Streusel Cake

Make Streusel
- Melt butter on very low heat, let cool off  a bit.
- Mix 200 g flour, 100 g sugar and 1 dash salt.
- Add 1 egg and butter.
- You can use  hands or kneading hooks for the hand mixer, to combine everything for the Streusel.

Make the Dough
- Mix milk, oil, 1 egg, 1 dash salt and 50 g sugar. Combine 200 g flour and baking powder and sieve to the quark cream.
- By use kneading hooks, knead until you get a smooth dough (or use hands).
- Sprinkle flour on a baking board or smooth surface. Roll dough oval (18x35cm).
- Place diagonal on a baking tray with parchment paper.

Make Topping
- Mix creme fraiche, 50 g sugar, vanilla sugar and 1 egg.
- Spread on dough.
- Sprinkle Streusel on dough and add almonds at last.
- Bake in pre-heated oven on 390 F for 20-25 min (convection oven is 350F).
- When done let cool off.
- Sprinkle with coarse sugar and dust with powdered sugar.

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Feb 212018

The German Spinach Omelette is a great German egg recipe that you will love.  Did you know that the German lunch consists always of a warm meal? In my childhood dinners were always served cold. If the dinner would consist of some warm dish then it would be some small and light food, such as an omelette, fried egg or "Griessbrei (semolina pudding)".
A good German egg recipe is the spinach omelet  that is easy to make and it's a healthy alternative for a lunch. Why? A good lunch takes care of 30 percent of the overall calories which the body needs a day. Such a lunch replaces a warm dinner.
You can also add it to a brunch buffet or have it as a light dinner.  Happy Cooking!

German Spinach Omelette

Ingredients German Spinach Omelette

• 4 eggs
• 4 table spoon milk or cream
• 1 red pepper and 1 green pepper or mushrooms
• 100 gr frozen or fresh spinach (or mixed vegetable) or fresh spinach
• salt to taste, dash of nutmeg

Cooking Instructions German Spinach Omelette

(Serves 2)
- Mix the eggs with milk or cream, salt and fresh nutmeg
- Cut the red and green pepper into little pieces
- Defrost the spinach in a strainer (don't use the micro wave)
- Braise pepper with butter lightly in a pan
- Add the eggs, stir it one time then add the spinach on the top
- Let it cook on low heat reduce until the eggs are semi-solid (use a lid but don't have it completely closed)

Serve it like a pizza with boiled potatoes, or with fresh bread or toast.
You also can add boiled rice or millet to the omelet.

Tips for Making German Egg Recipes

• Use fresh or frozen vegetable instead of canned vegetable
• Use whenever fresh herbs; you can have some of the important herbs in little pots in the kitchen (like parsley, thyme or basil) or have an extra herb collection in your garden, or on the balcony.
• Don't use the micro-wave oven for this recipe

Feb 192018

Savoy cabbage is a winter vegetable and one of several cabbage varieties. It is thought to originate from England and the Netherlands. How to cook savoy cabbage? If your supermarket has this nice cabbage variety, here is a great recipe to use it: German Savoy Cabbage Chicken Ham Rolls. Happy Cooking!

German Savoy Cabbage Chicken Ham Rolls

Ingredients German Savoy Cabbage Chicken Ham Rolls

(serves 4)
1 savoy cabbage
salt, white pepper to taste
4 fresh chicken breasts
1 branch fresh rosemary
8 slices very thin prosciutto or German smoked ham
4 tbsp oil
1 small onion
150 fresh cream cheese with herbs Provence (thyme, oregano)
cooking yarn to secure the rolls
some black olives

Cooking Instructions German Savoy Cabbage Chicken Ham Rolls

- Remove 12 leaves from the savoy cabbage, wash and blanch them 1-2 min in boiling hot water with some salt.
- Wash remaining savoy cabbage, cut in thin stripes.
- Chop rosemary fine (use only the small leaves).
- Wash chicken breast and pat dry. Spice with salt, pepper and rosemary.
- Wrap each chicken breast with 2 slices of ham.
- Use 3 savoy leaves for 1 roll, place them together and wrap the chicken in it.
- With kitchen yarn secure the rolls so they won't fall apart.

- Brown cabbage rolls in hot oil. Spice with salt and pepper. Place rolls in a fire proof form.
- Add 0.5 liter water.
- Bake in pre-heated oven on 390 F for 30 min.

- Peel onion, chop fine. Together with cabbage stripes fry onions in hot oil.
- Spice with salt and pepper.
- Add cream cheese with herbs, bring to a boil, spice to taste if needed.
- Decorate with a few black olives and serve with fried, boiled or mashed potatoes.

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German Apricot Cheese Cake

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Feb 132018
German Sauerkraut Potato Pancakes

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Feb 122018
German Streusel Cake with Vanilla Pudding

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Feb 092018
German Valentine's Heart Shaped Cake

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