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Germany is the country of hundreds of different apple cake recipes, and they vary from region to region. When I found this delicious German apple cake with Schmand – sour cream – recipe, I thought you might like it. It’s a super moist cake, and when done right the apples have just the right consistency. Proven recipe. Happy Baking!

german apple cake with schmand


Ingredients Apple Cake with Schmand

500 g apples
2 tbsp lemon juice
150 g soft butter
5 eggs
150 g sugar
2 pack. vanilla sugar – How to Make Vanilla Sugar –
1 dash salt
175 g flour
1 tsp (flat) Baking Powder Dr Oetker
5 tbsp milk
125 g Sour Cream or Crème fraiche (Schmand)
2 tbsp apricot jam, optional
1 tbsp powdered sugar, optional

german baking box

Baking Instructions Apple Cake with Schmand

– Peel apples, remove the cores. Cut first in halves, then in thicker slices or rings.
– Sprinkle lemon juice over apples (inhibits browning).
– In a bowl combine butter, 100 g sugar, 1 package vanilla sugar and salt. Mix with hand mixer until creamy.
– Add 3 eggs one after the other.
– Mix flour with baking powder, sieve it, and add alternating with milk, to the dough.
– Grease a 9 inches spring form very well with butter, sprinkle with flour or bread crumbs.
– Pre-heat oven to 300 F.

The photo below shows when apple rings are used.

german apple cake

– Pour dough into the spring form.
– Combine sour cream with 2 eggs, 50 g sugar and 1 package vanilla sugar. Mix well.
– Pour half of the cream onto the dough.
– Place apple pieces on top. Then add remaining cream.
– Bake in oven for 60 min.
– When done let cool off.
– If you want to add a glaze warm the apricot jam in a pan until it is liquid. Spread the warm jam evenly over the cake.
– Sieve powdered sugar around the edges (optional).


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