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apple cake Vienna style

Ingredients Apple Cake Vienna Style

1,5 kg apples
zest of 1 lemon (organic) and juice
3 tbsp water
100 g sugar
1 tbsp cinnamon
2 tbsp corn or potato starch
100 g raisins (optional) and 3 tbsp rum
1 package vanilla pudding  - How to make Vanilla Pudding -
175 ml milk
150 ml heavy cream

200 g flour
2 tsp baking powder
50 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar, 0.3 oz - How to make vanilla sugar -
125 g quark - How to make quark -
4 tbsp milk
some drops bitter vanilla or vanilla extract (optional)
4 tbsp sunflower oil or safflower/canola

100 g almonds, sliced or chopped
75 g sugar
2 tbsp milk

Baking Instructions Apple Cake Vienna Style

Make the Filling
- Peel apples, remove core, cut ins mall cubes.
- Place 1/3 of the apples into a pot. Cook with water and lemon juice for about 10 min. If there is some liquid drain apples.
- Soak raisins in rum for 10 min. Drain them.
- Mix remaining apples, 50g sugar, lemon zest, starch, raisins and cinnamon in a bowl.
- Make pudding per instructions (use sugar, milk and heavy cream for it).
- Combine pudding with the cooked apples and the the other apple mix.
- Layer a spring form with parchment paper. Place paper on the bottom of the form, and place the form around it. Grease the round form.
- Pre-heat oven to 150 C or 300F.

Make the Dough
- Mix flour with baking powder. Add sugar, vanilla sugar, quark, milk and oil.
- With a hand mixer and kneading hooks mix well first on low level, then on high level until you get a form-able dough. But don't mix too long otherwise the dough will get sticky.
- Place 2/3 of the dough on the bottom of the spring form. The rest of dough form to a roll and place it along the edges, form a 3 cm high wall around the form.
- Place the filling into the form

- Chop almonds (or use sliced almonds), mix with sugar and milk.
- Spread evenly on top of the cake.
- Bake the cake for about 1 hour (lower level of the oven).

When the cake is done remove the form, let the cake cool off on a cooling rack.
If the cake has cooled off you can remove the paper or leave it on.

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