Almond Cake Gluten Free

This almond cake contains no flour and is great for a gluten free diet. It does not contain any flour but eggs. The almond cake is not dry, it is a great cake to use with ice cream or whipped cream. Or you can cut it in half and fill it with vanilla or chocolate pudding; add raspberries or strawberries. You also can fill it with whipped cream. There are many variations. Happy Baking!

almond cake gluten free

Ingredients Almond Cake Gluten Free

6 egg yolk
150 g powdered sugar and 1 package vanilla sugar, 0.3oz – How to make Vanilla Sugar –
1 vanilla bean or 2 tbsp natural vanilla extract
1 organic lemon
200 g ground almonds (flour)
6 egg white
some butter for the form and powdered sugar for dusting the cake

Baking Instructions Almond Cake Gluten Free

– Beat egg yolks and powdered sugar until very creamy.
– Add the content of the vanilla bean, the grated peel of the lemon and almonds; mix well. Add some lemon liqueur or brown rum if you have (optional).
– Beat egg white until very firm.
– Layer a spring form with baking paper and grease the edges where is no paper.
– Fill in the dough and bake it on 350 F for about 50 minutes.
– Place the cake on a baking grid while warm.
– Dust with powdered sugar.

Cut cake in the middle horizontally with a very sharp knife and fill with pudding or custard, whipped cream, jam or a layer of chocolate.
Combine the filling with fruit such as raspberries, peaches, blue berries, sour cherries or strawberries.


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