All About German Wines


german white wine

Germany is known all over the world for its fine wines, especially the Riesling. The Northern parts of Germany are producing unique wines that are not to be found in any other European countries.

Why are German Wines so famous?
Climate and Soil Qualities
There are 13 wine regions in Germany and each one has its soil quality and climate. These combination of soil and climate makes the wines that are so different from others because they are not uniform.

Long Ripening Time
Germany has a relatively mild climate which allows the grapes to ripen longer. This means, the longer  the grapes stay on the vine, the better their flavor will be. The result is a high quality and more flavorful wine.

Traditional Wine Making
Germany’s tradition to make wine goes back to 2000 years ago. Or in other words: German Wine making is as old as Germany. That’s why the German wineries have experience and have developed unique wine making processes for a variety of wines.

Quality and Standards
When it comes to quality and standards, Germany is outstanding. This is also applied to wine making that is monitored and underlies specific quality standards before it can be sold to the public. It started in 1971 when certain classifications and tests were introduced to wine makers. Every wine gets an approval number (A.P. Nr) that is displayed on the bottle’s label.

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