4 Day Oktoberfest Tour 2016


From Sept 26 - Sept 30 2016
Solo-Travelers add $470.00
NOT INCLUDED: Flights - You need to purchase your own airfare.

Experience the Oktoberfest like a local and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere during  the weekdays. (Sept. 26 - 30, 2016)

Like any festival the weekends are the most crowded days. It is everywhere the same. People love to use the weekend for the Oktoberfest.
You can experience the Oktoberfest during the weekend with this tour.

This lucrative 4-night package from Sept. 26-30, 2016 provides everything what you need to see, hear and taste! Listen to Bavarian brass bands, taste a Bavarian ham knuckle with Knoedel and Sauerkraut and of course have a "Mass" beer or maybe one more. These 4 days will be fun.

At only $1,145 per person, this is one of the most lucrative 4-night Oktoberfest packages available. It is Oktoberfest plus the best of Munich!

4 day tour oktoberfest
Day 1   Monday Sept 26
Welcome to Germany! After the check-in you will meet your tour manager in one of Munich's legendary beer-drinking venues. Order a delicious Bavarian meal and try your first Bavarian beer.

Day 2  Tuesday Sept 27
Spend today at your leisure; there are plenty of possibilities. Popular are the guided bike tours through Munich or do a relaxing guided walking tour. You may want to join a tour to learn more about Munich's time when National Socialism took part.

Day 3  Wednesday Sept 28
Today is a great day for exploring Oktoberfest; the sights, the sounds, the smells! Revel in the fact that you are surrounded by a tradition over 200 years in the making. Be sure to check out everything Oktoberfest has to offer including amazing carnival rides, vaudeville shows, and dozens of food and souvenir stands.

4 day tour oktoberfestDay 4   Thursday Sept. 29
To see the most famous castle, the Neuschwanstein Castle, and the surrounding beautiful alpine landscape you need to reserve a full day. Join a tour to Neuchwanstein and the surrounding lakes and a short visit to the historical town Oberammergau.

Day 5 Friday Sept 30
After breakfast it is time to say Auf Wiedersehen - Good-bye to Munich as your tour ends today. Board on your return flight with memories that last a lifetime!


Hotel Accommodations:
Your 3-night stay will be comfortable as the hotel is perfectly located within walking distance to Oktoberfest and many of Munich's major attractions. The 3.5 star hotel includes private bathrooms, daily breakfast buffet with fresh items, and free Wi-Fi.
$1,245 is for a double room occupancy. Single rooms are additional $ 470.00

Oktoberfest Tent Reservation:
One reservation per person is included, which will be on either Saturday or Sunday. Groups will be placed together in the same tent. Please do not book non-refundable optional excursions until we have announced the exact date and time.

Munich Transportation Pass:
A 4-day transit pass for the efficient public transportation system in Munich is included; it should encouraging you to explore Munich's Inner District by S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Tram, and/or Bus.

Breakfast for 3 days is included, and a welcome drink in one of Munich's historical beer pubs.

Several tour Managers are available during this tour to provide any support and answer any questions.

The itinerary above suggests popular activities during Oktoberfest. You have the freedom to choose which activities are right for your trip. The Welcome Drink and Oktoberfest Reservations are the only group activities. Not includes are the fees for any extra tours in or around Munich.

If you would like to book this Oktoberfest Tour please send us your information by filling out the form below:


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