Dec 302013
Happy New Year 2014

Wishing you a wonderful New Years Eve and a happy and successful 2014! If you have a party and you are looking for tasty finger food this post might be inspiring. Cheese and grapes and/or with figs is a great combination and is always good, it makes everyone happy. Cheese Platter with assorted cheese, figs … read more …

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Dec 172013
Marzipan Cookies

Marzipan cookies are excellent Christmas cookies for marzipan lovers. Marzipan is a baking ingredient that is made out of almond paste. For these cookies get if possible the German marzipan or high quality marzipan without coloring or additives. The German marzipan cookies are easy to make. You will love them! Happy Baking! Ingredients Marzipan Cookies … read more …

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Dec 122013
Cherry Tartlets

Cherry Tartlets are an individual pastry case with a filling of fruit or other sweet or savory mixture. In Germany we fill them with all kinds of fruit such as strawberries, raspberries or blackberries. The filling also contains quark and if you cannot find it in your supermarket, you can make it easy at home … read more …

Dec 052013
Baked Apples filled with Marzipan

Baked apples with marzipan are awesome for a dessert after a good Christmas dinner like roasted goose. You can serve them with whipped cream, vanilla sauce or vanilla ice cream. In German we call the dessert Bratapfel.  You can buy the marzipan online and it should not contain any sugar. Happy Baking! Ingredients Baked Apples … read more …

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